In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:
it goes on.

― Robert Frost



I am finally moving to Blogger. I will no longer be updating this Tumblog. ^^,

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God’s Plan

Two years ago, I was so hopeless, so I prayed hard. Luckily, I passed the comprehensive examination. Last year, I’ve had so much hope. I prayed harder. Blessed, I passed the comprehensive examination again. I’ve been into a big uncertainty of what might happen to my college life twice and I owe God a lot ‘cause for me, passing the comprehensive examination for the first time was a gift, and passing it for the second time was a miracle. :) I have survived third year and now, I am about to face my last year in college. Yay, see how time flies? Fast, really fast. :D

At around noon, the comprehensive examination for the BSA freshmen and sophomores were released. Compared to our batch, passers are greater in number this year. I’m glad that a lot of my friends in the lower years passed, but at the same time, I feel really sad for those who didn’t make it. It’s a big disappointment in their part. But God has plans for them, and there’s a reason for everything. :)

Anyway, I’ll be moving back to Blogger soon. I won’t delete this Tumblog though. I’ll just post a link for redirection. :D

So yeah, good night. ;)

Reading between the lines

After having been an avid blogger for almost four years now, I have learned a lot. Before, I just blogged everything. As in literally, everything. I blogged every single detail, even my worst reactions in different things (which later on I have realized as eye-sores to blog readers). As I have grown up, I guess I have developed that sense of responsibility as a blogger wherein, yes, I show the real me, yet, I still keep a value of privacy.

Indeed, I am one of the most transparent persons one could ever meet. What you see is what you get, and I so damn hate pretensions. I mean, what for? In the end, you have to get into your feet and be who you really are, and not what others want you to be, or what you wish actually wish to be. You are you, and that’s all you have to handle.

But for whatever reason, I find it disturbing whenever I get to visit blogs wherein the blogger tries to conceal persons through code names yet the whole story is detailed, from the history to whatever might happen in the future. Seriously, do they really think no one could actually decode those enigmatic characters? I admit that before, I used to be like that. But as I get to read other blogs, and as I have become a more responsible blogger (well, I guess so), I realized that it’s definitely not a good blogging manner. Yes, we blog to express ourselves and not to impress people, but of course, one should not only blog because they want the whole world to know what they’d been up to, but also, to actually train themselves to become better individuals - from the words that they use up to the events of their lives that they post. Not that I am already a professional blogger, but I really am just a conservative one.

I know a lot of bloggers who just say what they want to say, without actually screening their entries. Not that it’s pretending once you choose what you post, but dear, this one’s a public nook. The most unexpected things happen in the cyber world. I just want you to actually open up your eyes and realize that you must observe prudence. If you can’t, or if you do not want to, then better be ready to face the consequences in the future. When you blog, you take risks. 90% of the people in here can’t actually be trusted. :)

To end, I just want to say, think before you write. Be careful of what you blog. Many people can read between the lines.

With Love,

A Concerned Blogger <3

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This song makes me miss someone like asdfghjkl. :”)

Lovelife equals zero kdots :))))

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