In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:
it goes on.

― Robert Frost

This cover was inspired by CHACHI GONZALES Should’ve Kissed You dance. Didn’t bite her steps though. :]

No copyright infringement intended. Contents belong to their respective owners.

P.S. Finally found a copy of this on my files! The real first cover. :]

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She’s just a dreamer who loves sharing her God-given talents to the world. She’s into writing and performing arts. Through this, she shows her love for dancing.

Did this out of fun, really. Not for money-making or fame. Whatever. Haha! :DD Pardon her for the trippin’. ;)))

This cover was inspired by REFERENCES' Mr. Marvin Ejercito (Cover HERE). No malice, please. This girl just idolizes him and all of the members of References so much. :) Why? Because those people are into dancing, and dancing is her passion. :]

No copyright infringement intended. Contents belong to their respective owners.

P.S. Uploaded this before already, but deleted ‘cause the video was edited. And now yeah, re-uploaded. Not the first ever cover actually. Done with Should’ve Kissed You but wasn’t satisfied with the results so deleted it. Now, got no trace of the video. Aww. :(( Hope to make other covers soon. :]

You may also follow her @ YouTube [Click HERE]. :)

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Masci 2009.
PLM. BS Accountancy.

A bookworm.
Zealous performer.
Passionate writer.
Aspiring photographer.
Future CPA-Lawyer.

Awesomely petite, astonishingly unique. ;)

This blog is obviously an online journal - a cyber scrapbook and trash bin. This is a place where she spills her thoughts and broadcasts her benefit of privacy. She used to have a blog hosted by Blogspot (Blogger) before, but she deleted it 'cause she had to grow up and expose a better view of myself. Not that she wants to impress people, but she just wants to express goodness and good vibes. Pessimism does no good anyway. :)

She loves and she is loved. She lies and kills people through her words. She'd rather sing and dance than draw. She's bitchy and sweet at the same time. She aims high. And yeah, she does talk a lot.

Random. Epiphanies. Experiences. School Life. Daily Living. Dance Covers. Song Covers.


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