In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:
it goes on.

― Robert Frost

The Block That Got Away: The BSA 3-1 Outing

MARCH 21-22, 2012.

Green Palm Private Pool, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna.

We met at Jollibee-Buendia at around 1PM and rode the bus going to Pansol at around 3PM. LiezelTrisha and Arlie also joined us. We reached our destination at around 5PM and got ready for our eventsSir Jeorge and Sir Axil also partied with us, but they didn’t ride with us in the bus. Sir Jeorge arrived a little later, maybe around 6PM, and then Sir Axil at around 8PM.

Of course we ate and enjoyed the pool the whole night. When we got quite tired swimming, Sir Jeorge gave us a treat. We had two bottles of The Bar. One was Green Apple and the other was The Bar Silver. We had junk foods as our finger foods. We mixed Milo and Chuckie with Silver ‘cause it’s too strong if we drink it solo, with, I think, an alcohol proof of 70. For The Bar Green Apple, we just had orange juice as our chaser. :D

I was one of those who actually didn’t sleep. Haha! Instead of burying myself in bed, I just made noise with the others on the videoke. :))

At around 6:30AM, I jogged around the area with Edward and Franz. When we got back to Green Palm, we enjoyed the billiards and the pool and the food and the videoke again. :]

After lunch, I already took a bath and didn’t plunge into the pool anymore. Instead, I sang again. I took a nap at around 3PM. We packed up at around 4, left Pansol at around 7, and finally, I arrived home at around 9.

All in all, it’s the best outing ever - so far! :D

A Week to THANK For

First of all, I want to thank GOD for giving me grades that would really meet the good standing status in PLM. :)

And I want to thank GOD again for helping us, the JPIA-PLM Executive Officers, in our first activity: Comprehensive Exam Review. Tomorrow, we’ll conduct our pre-comprehensive examination as our concluding activity of the review program. :)

And most of all, I want to thank GOD for giving us, BSA 3-1, an awesome outing! Sir Axil, Sir Jeorge, Arlie, Liezel & Trisha also joined us. Our two professors really spoiled us, and it was indeed fun! Haha. :D I enjoyed bonding with the block and with our two cool professors. Our two Sir’s were like our big brothers who joined the fun but still took care of us. :]]

Thank you for the happy days, LORD! :]

May the odds be in my favor. Again.

When I’ve heard that the theme for the NCR-JPIA Art & Literary Festival 2012’s in Filipino, I was quite worried because using Filipino as a medium for literary pieces isn’t my forte. Fortunately, only the theme is in Filipino, but we’re going to write our works in English. May the odds be in my favor again.Please LORD.:)

By the way, last night, we went partying for Renz's birthday. He turned 18 last Monday but we just got to celebrate last night at Kisses's house. Good thing he (Kisses) is living in Georgetown, which is just across our subdivision. I arrived late since I still watched From Prada to Nada with Ches, Vivian, Meray, Danix, Ellaine, Ly, Jhea, Yel and Grace after eating our lunch at KFC (as usual). I finally tried KFC’s Sweet and Chili Shots and I loved it! The movie ended at around 4:30 and Vivian and I left Manila by 5.

I arrived at Kisses's house at around quarter to 7. Of course we ate, sang in the karaoke (which was already done when I arrived, haha), and then watched movies. Then we had a toast of Emperador Light. Renz took the first shot, since the party’s for him. Good thing was, I didn’t even go tipsy even though I was one of those who took a lot of shots. I didn’t notice I’ve already had around 7 or 8. Blame Jun King! LOL. JK. :)))) Since we only had one shot glass, we did the rounds until Renz had the last shot. I felt a slight head spin, but after a little while, I recovered. It was actually my first time to drink a hard one. :)))) Funny ‘cause we forgot to take lots of photos. :D

I went home at around 10 in the evening and yeah, I hope I won’t go sleepy as I write my piece for the contest later. LOL.

May the odds be in my favor! Please LORD. I love You. :]

Eleven Going Twelve

Goodbye, 2011.

About a year ago, I guess I’ve also been in this position – making a year-end blog post and trying to recall every detail that had passed throughout the year. Now that 2011’s about to end, here I am again. Since this is my last post for this year, I’d make it a little bit special. It won’t be as candid as normal, for today, I’m going back to the beginning before I finally make myself ready to face the end, and to open a new game as I make an exit on this level.


I ended something which hadn’t yet met its beginning. I closed my door to someone as I opened it to another, not minding what would happen later on. It was a month of denials and confusions. It was my last month of being 17. It was my last month of being under the children’s bracket. It was my last month of being a girl.


I turned 18 and played. And in that game, I never thought I’d be losing so much. Well, I could never forget how my dearest friends prepared a surprise for me on my 18th birthday, and then my parents fetched me from school that day giving me a bouquet of flowers. I’ve had a wonderful month. It was full of love. Moreover, I’ve had the chance to represent PLM in the NCR-JPIA’s Art & Literary Festival 2011. I was able to bring bag the first place for the On-The-Spot Poetry Writing Contest. I competed with other schools wherein most of their representatives were already graduating BSA students.


I was caught into a very complicated hidden web. I must say that it was one of the biggest risks that I ever took. I don’t know why I can’t find the right words to explain the details – maybe it’s just too complex to the point that I myself can’t even elucidate it.


I did a lot of crazy things I never thought I’d do. I’d been in my wild side and went beyond my limitations. I was insane! There were actually times when I didn’t even know who I already was. I became an entirely different person. I don’t want to blame it to anyone, but at the end of the day, it’s still a fact that I had been such a fool because of one person.


The best thing that ever happened this month was when I passed the BS Accountancy Comprehensive Examination for the second time, and that I’d be moving on to the next level. Then I met heartache again. An ending came, and yeah, I cut my hair short after keeping it long for five years.


Hello, Third Year! I was able to reach this far, and I can’t just stop here. Dot, dot, dot… And then after a month, a continuation went on.


It was another silly month, and I was in kept of a clandestine again. I became even wilder that my studies and my relationship with my friends already suffered. I was so stupid that I didn’t get the lesson when it was faced in front of me for the first time about two months ago.


My idiocy continued, but thank GOD it had already ended FOR GOOD. I thank GOD for saving me for the second time and for finally opening my eyes that He had already made someone who really deserves me – someone who’s going to love and respect me with all of his heart; it’s just that I have to wait because sooner or later, he will come and destiny will find its way.


I was bitter than ever. Yet, I managed not to entertain it. I was in tears. I felt so thoughtless. I had become so blind.


Months passed, and yeah, a gift was given to me by The Ledger (official magazine of JPIA-PLM). Well, I was one of the performers for Adeona’s presentation for the JPIA-PLM General Assembly, and I did a stunt there for which I never thought I was capable of. Then, my name flashed on the audio-visual presentations of JPIA-PLM not just once – Khoreia (official dance crew of JPIA-PLM), Debate Team, and to top it all, The Ledger’s Literary Editor for this federation year. :]]


Hello, second semester! This had been a busy month for me. I joined Ms. CAE and it was really a wonderful experience. I was able to prove myself that I can stand out. I really didn’t expect to get the Ms. Photogenic and Ms. CAE 2011 2nd runner-up award. I’ll be forever thankful for that. There were seventeen of us and the other contestants are all really pretty, and yeah, tall. Haha. :))


I won first place on JPIA-PLM ArtLit Fest’s On-the-Spot Poetry Writing Contest again and that makes it another stepping stone for me ‘cause I’m going to be PLM’s representative for the same contest on NCR-JPIA’s ArtLit Fest 2012, well, for the second time. I do hope to win again for the regionals. :D I was also the first speaker (Asian Parliamentary Debate) for the JPIA-PLM ArtLit Fest 2011’s Debate Competition. Dude, we won first place! Furthermore, I joined JPIA Dance Mania and at the end of the event, our team, Adeona, was proclaimed as the over-all champion.

Maybe I haven’t mentioned all events that happened in my life for 2011, but those that are here are maybe the highlights.

Well, I must say, it had been a long year, and I’ve gained a lot of memories in 2011. As I end this, let me throw all the bad vibes away. I want to face 2012 with a light heart. Now, I’m leaving hate and regrets behind. Now, I’m ready to forgive. I am ready to trust and love again if someone would be coming. I am ready to face new challenges and to collate new memories. I’m ready to meet new friends and tie a tighter bond with the old ones.

I’ve received a lot of blessings in 2011, and I really thank GOD for those. And after being into hurt, I now consider those pains as blessings because without them, I won’t be as strong as I am now. :]

Hello 2012, I’m finally ready to meet you! With GOD, I know I’m going to really be fine for the coming year! :)))))

Christ’s Birthday Celebration 2011

December 25, 2011 is over, but it doesn’t mean that Christmas is already over. :))

For noche buena, I made graham cake and macaroni salad. Here’s the graham cake! Cute, isn’t it? Hohoho. :D

I celebrated Christmas at home with my family. First, we attended the mass, then we went back home at around 11:30 since the mass ended at around 11PM. My Nang and Tang also joined us for the noche buena. After that, we had our gift-giving. It’s already the family’s tradition to open the gifts on Christmas eve. :)

The next day, we attended the Sunday mass at our dearest Church. I’m so proud of our Church's two-story belen. :)

I know I look wasted on the 3rd and 5th photos. Don’t mind them, kdot? Haha!

In the afternoon, we went to Ayala Triangle to see the Christmas lights display. :)

The lights were really great! I love how the lights and the sounds jive with each other. :D I also took a pose in front of SGV & Co.'s building, since the location is just in front of it. I once had a tour in their building when we had our company visit during the first semester of this school year. :D

After that, we went to MOA, and we were planning to actually just walk around; but since there were many people there, we managed just to try the giant Ferris Wheel (MOA Eye) so just not to waste our time of being already there. The Php 150 per head charge for the ride was actually worth it. The view’s really great! You’ll see the city lights and the sea. It’s really a nice view especially when you’re on the highest part of the ride. We couldn’t help but take photos every now and then! LELS. Mom said that our gondola kept on moving and it was quite disturbing. Hahaha!

It was really a wonderful day because I spent it with my family. I thank GOD for giving me protective parents and loving sisters. I thank GOD for giving me this life and for giving me so much blessings.

I am indeed praying for all the Sendong victims in Mindanao. May they not lose hopes in their hearts. :)


:) And we’re a happy family! :D

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