In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:
it goes on.

― Robert Frost


I am finally moving to Blogger. I will no longer be updating this Tumblog. ^^,

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God’s Plan

Two years ago, I was so hopeless, so I prayed hard. Luckily, I passed the comprehensive examination. Last year, I’ve had so much hope. I prayed harder. Blessed, I passed the comprehensive examination again. I’ve been into a big uncertainty of what might happen to my college life twice and I owe God a lot ‘cause for me, passing the comprehensive examination for the first time was a gift, and passing it for the second time was a miracle. :) I have survived third year and now, I am about to face my last year in college. Yay, see how time flies? Fast, really fast. :D

At around noon, the comprehensive examination for the BSA freshmen and sophomores were released. Compared to our batch, passers are greater in number this year. I’m glad that a lot of my friends in the lower years passed, but at the same time, I feel really sad for those who didn’t make it. It’s a big disappointment in their part. But God has plans for them, and there’s a reason for everything. :)

Anyway, I’ll be moving back to Blogger soon. I won’t delete this Tumblog though. I’ll just post a link for redirection. :D

So yeah, good night. ;)

I wonder.

I wonder kung anong mangyayari pag nagkita kami tomorrow. I wonder kung ano yung magiging reactions namin pareho. I wonder kung magiging awkward. I wonder kung for the record, he’d still be like a mute in front of me. LOL. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Excited kasi syempre, makikita ko sya after three years. Nervous kasi hindi ko alam kung ano yung mga mangyayari. No, wala naman kaming galit sa isa’t isa. Never. :) Pero kasi, wala lang, ang weird ng feeling. Ang laking joke time din na kaya kami magkikita kasi ibabalik nya sa akin yung binigay nya sa aking stuffed toy dati pero binalik ko sa kanya yung nawala kami. Yeah, it sounds stupid, funny, and definitely immature. Sorry naman ha? Bata pa ‘ko nun eh! :D

Pero yeah. Bahala na. I’m really looking forward for a good day tomorrow. Sana nga. :)

P.S. Ngayon lang pala ulit ako nag-Tagalog. Di ko namalayan. Hahaha. :D

How can you love someone if you are afraid? You need only courage to follow your heart. :)

John Alfred Bautista Danao (28 Mar. 2012 05:35 AM)

He’s right, isn’t he? (: #ThatAdvice

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